OgenoAFFLv's Featured Music Artist
Ogeno is a native of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Ogeno brings to the Music Industry a brand of his own, which includes a versatile style of Hip Hop, Reggae & Dancehall.​

Artist Bio

Ogeno was inspired by a variety of music at an early age. In his eyes Bob Marley was a great influence on his culture and his music, but what truly inspired him was Hip Hop music. He made Hip Hop a vital part of his life and the passion that arose in him became his fuel for making music. He began to write his own music and decided to move to the United States to further pursue a career. He moved to Brooklyn, NY to get his start then finally settled himself in Las Vegas, where he continues to work on his music career.

Ogeno has made many guest appearances, performances and has had many great collaborations in the music industry. In late 2003 and early 2004 Ogeno performed at “Nuvo” in K.L. Malaysia. In 2005-2006, he had performances in club Mustang and Club Graffiti in Korea. He has performed at Club 702 in Las Vegas and has also had a guest appearance on a TV Series known as “The Flavaz Show.” He has worked with Def Jam/Konvict Music recording artist Verse Simmonds, also Konvict Music/Konlive recording artists Rock City, now known as Planet VI who’s also from his home town St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Ogeno also worked with local Las Vegas artists and producers such as Def Jam recording artist Mr. Finley, Smoke Loc, Straight Lace Productions, F.I.N, R&B singer G.Q. and Vegas based producers Grease and Bosie T just to name a few.

Since the start of his career, he has recorded over 100 mixtape tracks, 2 collaboration albums and has 60 original songs. Currently Ogeno is working on his first Solo LP which features Hip Hop, Reggae & Dancehall music. Ogeno’s future plans include finishing and releasing his debut solo album, touring and promoting that album, and writing new music for not only himself but for other artists as well. He plans on making a long career for himself in music performance and songwriting. He is hard-working and dedicated to his music and any artist that has worked with him will say the same. He has experience in collaborations, working with other artists in other genres of music and knows how to move crowds during performances.

Ogeno is an inspiration to those around him and represents the Islands in all that he does.